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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Art 'n stuff

So if Tuesdays are for Algebra Rap, Wednesdays must be Arty Crap. Obviously most of these are not mine :) Click the pics to see the big versions.

I went into Dogtown today to meet Christine (who did not show up, but I think we may have mixed our days) and saw this random demolished house.

And this random crap house, which for some reason has not been demolished.

Robert (Design III guy) is working on his installation. I don't know what it's called, but it's a grid of spitballs.

These are our drawings that I tried to post last week.

Mine's the first one in the pic below.

These are some Design II color studies.

These are from the figure drawing class next door.

More color studies:

Balance studies (mine's the one with the duck)

And our collages. This one is mine. It's Elliott Smith.

The one below is Ming's. Odd fellow, that.

This is also Ming's. We couldn't figure out why he did it or brought it in.

This one's Kate's, she's the Interior Designer. It's Neil Young in a dress. Nice purse!

This one belongs to Good Guess Girl. I love it.

And, mine again because I'm totally self-centered.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Kafka & Sam & Socks

Kafka & Sam & Socks
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I still can't figure out why our cats hate us...

Sparkly Socks

Since I keep forgetting to post these...


Complaints! I know, I know, but I gotta make a couple.

I am definitely a knitting blogger addict. Usually this makes me happy, but sometimes it's downright annoying to read everyone's latest reviews of Interweave Knits while I continue to wait on mine. WHERE IS IT MR. MAILMAN?! I know you have it. You are holding it hostage for something - but what? I'll trim the vine tomorrow, will that satisfy your sadistic ways?

I subscribe to magazines partly because it's cheaper, but really just so I don't miss issues. But secretly, it's because I want them ASAP. And I figure subscribing will do it. This is the 2nd magazine that I typically see on the stands before in my mailbox. Unlike most magazines, though, knowing more about this magazine doesn't make it anymore likely that I will buy it. It makes it more likely that I will pick it up and say "$7 for 1 or 2 patterns I might actually make? Nah." Come on Interweave, give me a reason to keep paying you - I'm looking for one.

On to the next complaint. Today's Tuesday and you know what that means! Math day. Rapping Poison Ivie day.

I was so proud of myself today. I actually recorded the rapping on my phone. But now I can't figure out how to get it on the laptop. Annoyingly, if I had recorded video, this would not be a problem. Seems a little backwards to me! I've asked for help on usenet, and am hoping to post some hilarious audio soon.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunday Knitters

Sunday Knitters
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Same, only different.

Sunday Knitters

Sunday Knitters
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Erin, Kylene, Anna @ Abiah at Kayak's.

Everybody's doing it...

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

Sunday Knitting

So I went to check out a replacement knitting group since I can't make it to Crestwood for awhile and - yay! Even more people who seem willing to put up with my constant blathering!

I found them through a Yahoo! Group for Saint Louis Stitch N Bitch (that's the link, Kylene!) and am thrilled I don't have to drive like 30 miles to meet up.

Pictures forthcoming. Am bing attacked by cats. Ack.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Fun things to do

Stump the 20 Questions Machine. I did it with prosthetic limb/arm.

But it caught me on Vampire.

Make a list

Think of the last thing you've done that you've regretted. I am actively trying not to do anything I will regret - to make every action and interaction a good one with integrity. I know I sound like a middle manager, but it's harder than I thought and, I suspect, more rewarding. I am trying to undo something that I regret (I get confused about what the right thing is to do sometimes and handle things in a shitty way) so we will see how that goes.

Comment, people! Just so I can think someone reads this thing. Be anonymous and vague, if you like, but tell me something you regret.

Rebirth of the Rapping Algebra Teacher

OK, seriously. So we're multiplying fractions or whatever today in Algebra and it happens. Out of nowhere.

" we can see how to simplify rational numbers with exponents. Okay! Now - when I say data, you say base! Data!"

"Base!" says the class, wondering where the hell this is going.



"When I say spread, you say sheet! Spread!"




"When I say add, you say subtract! Add!"






"When I say micro, you say chip! Micro!"


"Okay, now where can we find a microchip? Anyone? In our cell phones? Yes!! They're all around us! Now we're going to solve first degree equations."

Seriously, people. Are you more astounded that A: this yelling/rap preparation session came out of nowhere and disappeared just as curiously or B: that I actually have to take a class to learn this or C: I refrained from making any "All your base" jokes that no one would understand anyway?

By the way, I wrote all this down - I am NOT MAKING THIS UP.

Later in class:

"...So that's the Multiplication & Division Property of Equality. Is everybody with me? Good. When I say Who's on the Mic, you say My DATAbase is on the Mic! Who's on the Mic?"

"My db...."

"Oh, no! you people got no rhythm! try again, with some style! Who's on the Mic?"

After more coaching, we are able to perform the following:

"Who's on the Mic?"

"My DATAbase is on the Mic!"

"Is it doing all right?"

"It's information baby, BABY!"

"Who's on the Mic?"

"My SPREADsheet is on the Mic!"

"Is it doing all right?

"Rows and Columns, baby BABY!"

"All right then! Get into groups for the pre-quiz."

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

VH1 Classic

Oh man, you gotta love The Alternative that comes on VH1 Classic. No I do not know when, how can you not have TiVo or some sort of DVR at this point? So far this show, I've seen videos from The Smiths, Depeche Mode (M+S!), The Pixies, The Sugarcubes, and now Kraftwerk's on. Gotta love that, otherwise I probably could not have survived creating that ultra-long post with the pictures!

So I had design class tonight and it was ultra boring and pointless. I can't wait until we actually do something interesting in that class. You know she had us bring in pictures for no reason AGAIN today. bah.

VH1C just played a Ministry video from 1983. Aaw. He's so little! OMG now it's Black Flag's TV Party - I still think Henry Rollins is steadily shrinking.

I could rattle this crap off all day, but I'll quit right after I say that I haven't seen this Bad Religion video in ages.

Reminds me of this...

Which reminds me of this...

Update time!!!

OK, I have some serious pictures to post, so here we go.

First, from the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk on Saturday...


Doesn't the girl on the right look like Hope in disguise?! That's Hope, and her sister Holly, at the walk.


They were walking in memory of their Mom, Darla (Penny). I thought it was so sweet to see them together doing this, with Hope's daughter.


Crazy drumming people. Energizer gave out free bunny ears. Why? I can't say.


Look at the cool old electricity plant!


61,000 people showed up for the walk!



I don't really know the deal with these chicks, but they provided some much-needed comic relief.


An old building on Choteau.


Miss Nina prepares for much screaming swimming.


Nina + Dasher, Hope's dad's Cavalier Spaniel.






Art Class Time!


Some chick washing out a screen in the printamking class next door.


Last week's musical homework. Mine's the one underneath. It should look like "Mrs. Bean" by The Essex Green.



The Design II people next to me. We're all the same class, basically.


Our resident Peruvian, Ms. Gonzalez.


Design III guy, Design III girl, and Triplets-of-Belleville guy.


Design II guy, Design II girl, Design III guy. I will be using these nicknames to talk smack about these people later in the semester.


Prada purse girl & Hardware man.


Art supplies!!! Whee!


Red-headed lumberjack, Nautica girl, Hardware man, Red-headed girl, Prada purse girl, Interior Design chick and Mom-lady.



More of the same, but this one has Good Guess girl and Ming from Vietnam. Ming's is the only name I know in the whole class.



Sketches. Mine's the 4th, as if you could tell anything with that crap-ass camera.