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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Canterbury Tales for me

MMmph. Yum. Asiago + Pumpernickel bagels.

I was thinking today that I should blog my life history, one person at a time. Then people could hear an interesting bit every now and then, or just completely skip the ones about people they don't know. Example:

Sara2, written off 2002 in after she quit speaking to me for not attending her wedding (I had already booked airplane tickets to another state when she informed me that the date had been moved to this new, unattendable date). Met in junior high school in Florida, made horribly embarrassing video singing & dancing to "Rock Around the Clock" together which was later burned. Had bedroom plastered with Kevin Costner paraphernalia when we met, including plastic picnic table cloth portraying him in "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves". My own room was painted in black and white cow print at the time. Attended first U2 concert together in 1992. Only person known to me in Saint Louis when I moved here in 1998. Introduced me to JD by way of total neglect, who introduced me to almost everyone I know now in Saint Louis.

Does that sound very shit-talkingish? Hmmm. Not a good thing, but in her case, I think it's OK. Let's try it with someone who has not friend-dumped me in so rude a fashion.

Hope, met via the horrible boys and Wuertz in 2000 or so. Daredevil extrordinaire. black belt (I think - shit!), pilot, punk rock mom, actual strawberry blond (like we ALL pretended we were). Lives in the country with lovely family and does complex mappish things at work. Pukes in malls and occasionally on self, gravitates towards people who tend to pass out at bars, able to drink me under the table with ease. Did not make fun of me for my terrible landing when we jumped out of airplanes in a field. Deceptively quick-witted. I had a seriously hard time figuring out if she was always patronizing me or not, although that is true of most people. Has upwards of 10 tattoos, ranging from sunflowers to stars to .... well, shit again! I don't see the others as much, but know they exist. Parent of seriously kickass one-year old. One year old is wont to give eerily grown up and sarcastic looks at all times to all people. One year old is also proficient with cellphones and remotes.

That reads more like a reference than I had intended. This may take some work. But check this one out:

Justin: miserable douchebag.

I am SO succinct. I don't specifically know what that means, but I'm pretty sure it's the right word anyway.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Rock on.

Rock on.
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Sunday, May 22, 2005

First Sock

First Sock
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Haha! I finished my first sock! This is the first article of clothing I've made besides hats, ponchos and scarves. One down, one to go.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


HaHA! I got a B and no longer have to put up with the crazy times english teacher. Stay tuned for next semester's all new crazy teachers, beginning June 6th. This will feature 1 crazy Design teacher and 1 crazy algebra teacher.

We're going to be huge dorks and catch the midnight showing of Star Wars tonight. Edit: Despite the fact that our tickets say 12:01 am Wednesday, it's actually tomorrow. Oh well. (We = Kris, Trey, Chris) To prepare, Trey & I hit 7-11 last night for emergency supplies (donuts, taquitos, Slurpee in Darth Vader topper cup), and I was elected Vice President of Nighttime Activities for my grand 7-11 idea. (Sam, of course, is president.) You couldn't have thought of it!

I'm getting ready to set up the TRS-80 so I can play my favorite games EVER, Dino-Wars and Poltergeist. And maybe Burger Time, which is too much fun. Film at eleven.

Someone actually PAID MONEY for MY PICTURES. Seriously. ACTUAL EARTH CASH. HaHA again!

Which reminds me, I need to call Jen's drunken cocksucking wedding photographer to see if she has any pictures of me performing the ceremony. I am all-powerful, and can marry people in Florida. How cool. I can also photograph your wedding and create your wedding invitations. Hopefully someone will get married soon. I'm bored. Alleviating my boredom is an excellent reason to commit to someone else for the rest of your life, y'all. SO worth it.

Oh, I almost forgot - I dyed my hair blondish for no apparent reason. It's OK.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Cards 'n Cats

I have lived in Saint Louis off and on since 1998, but I have yet to have ever seen a professional baseball or football game. But guess what! Trey's taking me to see the Cards vs. the Red Sox in 3 weeks! And then to the Cards and the Cubs in September. That's so cool. Jen & I went to see fever Pitch the other night. Terrible acting, cute movie. So now I'm all into seeing a game.

Today we put the cat in the bag.

Kafka in a bag

Kafka in a bag

Kafka in a bag

Kafka in a bag

Kafka in a bag

Kafka in a bag

Kafka in a bag

Kafka in a bag

Saturday, May 14, 2005


For whatever reason, I am no longer capable of sleeping when I need to sleep. Yesterday I was exhausted, running on little sleep, which to my body equates to not wanting to fall asleep until 6am this morning. When I have a final exam at 9am. Barf.

It's so hard to get off my ass and go to this stupid thing, knowing that without even taking it, I have a low B in this class. Which, frankly, is good enough for me. But I go. Ugh.

But also, I whine. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Return of the Knitsters

There were others tonight, but I forgot to take a picture until a couple of them had left. Oops.

I have SO done my part for charity today.

I'm not usually much into these things, but some friends are going to the St. Louis Race for the Cure on the 18th, so there you go. Come on out, people!

Performance Anxiety

This week, I will be returning to my local Stitch N Bitch (aka Knitting posse, after several weeks off. Before I went on vacation, I asked them what yarns were hard to find so that I wouldn't come home proudly displaying a bunch of yarn I could have bought here in the first place. And then I went on vacation and didn't find any of the yarns they talked about anyway. So tonight I feel like I should be going in with all this cool stuff, and what I really have is 2 scarves that are pretty, but useless in this 83 degree weather and a couple of balls of God-knows-what that I don't know what to do with.

I always feel like I should have something fun and interesting to take to these things. I have my mom's poncho, but I really think they'll just tell me I'm doing it wrong or picked a bad yarn to do that with (as it will be so delicate) or something. I don't know why I feel such pressure to compete here. It's knitting, for fuck's sake.

However! Beth, the group's organizer is out of school for the summer, and we always go out to dinner when she can make it, because it's pretty rare. And mexican food (even fake mexican food) is a good reason to leave the house. She's doing a cool thing - chopping off like 2 feet of hair and donating that and the $1000 that she (surely) will have raised by Saturday to Locks of Love so that they can make a wig for a financially disadvantaged child suffering from long-term medical hair loss. Feel free to make a donation here. I did.


While browsing Wal-Mart at 2am (as we are wont to do), Mr. Trey & I stumbled upon 20Q, a little ball that will play 20 questions with you. So I had to try it. I was pretty sure it would never figure out my clever 'tennis shoe' guess, but lo and behold! Right after asking me seemingly non-specific questions like "Would you find it in a church" and "Would you give it as a gift", it spat out "Sneaker"! Oh my god. It's the devil. It's also a mere $10, and I must get one.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Fantastic new exciting times

OK. Not really. But no one would read otherwise, eh?

I am still doing an excellent job at not shooting my english teacher in the boob, which is what she deserves after much stupid stupidity. The final's on Saturday, then I can move on to hating all new teachers for my summer classes. Sometimes I can't believe I'm 28.

I have 2 new favorite blogs to compulsively read: Crazy Aunt Purl and She just walks around with it. They are fabulous.

I am once again debating moving my blog because I'm a mess.

Grocery product of the week: Whipped Peanut Butter that doesn't massacre the bread.

TV show of the week: Either Penn & Teller: Bullshit or Charmed. How sad.

Foreign Movie of the week: All About My Mother ( i heart penelope cruz ) and City of God ( i heart fantastic movies )

Exciting bit of the week: My husband & I were walking around at the Laumeier Art Fair and someone complimented his shirt, which is a falcon silhouette designed & screened by yours truly.

Sad bit of the week: Take your pick between A) I have no purpose besides knitting with TiVo & cats or B) Trey finally ditched the ex girlfriend friendship for me for Valentines Day or My Birthday (I forget) but after *an email apology from her* has resumed the friendship or C) I still can't draw properly.