To Call In the Airstrike, Please Press 2

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


What is it about a person that makes everything they do take on a special meaning?

When you're infatuated with someone, things are always like that - but what about when you're not?

For me, the infrequency of actions makes every statement notable.

And so we begin another of my projects: The wonder that is Chris Davidson. Of course, the name has been changed, just to save myself a little trouble.

Installment one: Identify the animal

According to the Ohio Department of Agriculture, there are three steps to identifying a strange animal. And Chris certainly fits that description.

"The first step is premises identification. It is necessary to know the sites where animals are produced, transfered through, and intermingled with other animals if effective trace back is to be accomplished."

OK! Here is what we know:

1. Chris is from North Saint Louis County. He regularly travels throughout this country and others the world to gain education and professional experience.

2. He is mainly found in St. Louis, Missouri and its environs.

3. He associates with others in his profession. Indications are that he has a mate, but said mate's identity has not been confirmed.

4. His main method of exploring his environment is by driving a small red automobile, similar in style to a Ford Fiesta.

The other steps do not seem the least bit useful, so I will ignore them. From here, I propose to keep a journal of CD's activities, which may aid us in future identification and understanding.